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Press Release: 8.22.2013
Team Elmhurst Soccer Club is proud to announce a new partnership with The College Program. The College Program will be the official College Selection Program offered to all its club players and their families. 
The College Program (directed by Tim and James Twellman) is changing the way that student-athletes and their families look at college. 
“Our mission is to provide The College Game Report to every family so that they can better understand their college options and ultimately, comprehend the magnitude of their decision. It’s very important that all athletes and their families, that have the desire to play a sport in college, do everything necessary to find the right school. As a former college athlete, I understand the hard work it takes "On the Field." More importantly, I understand the perseverance it takes "Off the Field" to make this dream come true,” James Twellman, Stanford graduate and Co-Director of The College Program. "The College Game Report simplifies the College Search Process for student-athletes, students and their families and reduces all of the stress and work involved in finding the right college."
"We are definitely excited to offer this program for our families at TESC.  Being a former college athlete and coach I know it can be extremely challenging to find the right fit for a student-athlete in terms of academics, athletics and the social parameters.  They help bridge the gap from HS into college and beyond."  Karsten Roy, TESC Director of Coaching.     

The College Program and its College Game Report will assist you in identifying colleges that fit your athletic, academic and personal needs. 
For more - go to http://www.thecollegeprogram.com/

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