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COVID-19 UPDATES on Tryouts
 With some of the unknowns surrounding the leagues decision to cancel the Spring season we feel it's important to address a similar scenario for the Fall season. While we do believe it to be unlikely, if the league were to cancel the Fall season TESC will refund any portion of the Fall fees that have not been paid out.  This would include league fees, tournaments, etc...
  • All potential new and returning players must register for the 2020-2021 open tryouts starting May 1st.  
  • A Head Shot photo must be uploaded as well (no hats or sunglasses).
  • 2014 Birth year girls and boys have OPEN Registration for the Fall season and will play in our JR KICKERS PROGRAM.

TESC Boys and Girls Team Placement - 2020-21

- Teams will be moved over from this past season and adjusted with coaches evaluation of the players Fall and Winter seasons.  

- New Players trying out will need to send in a 2 minute video of themselves dribbling, passing and striking a ball.  1 minute of dribbling around 2 cones that are ten yards apart.  1 minute of Passing/Shooting against a wall, garage door or parent that includes controlling (receiving) with the inside of the foot and laces.  Please email DOC@elmhurstsoccer.com with the 2 minute video that includes child's name and DOB.  

- Emails will be sent out the week of (May 11th - Boys Teams and May 18th - Girls Teams)  for team and/or age group placement.  We do have the option to offer a position within the age group and place players on team during the preseason camp in the Fall.  A $250 deposit will be required to secure your child's position this upcoming year. 

- TESC Uniforms - This upcoming year starts the new 2 year cycle for player uniforms.  The uniforms will be used for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons.  Please read the following link for ordering uniforms through European Sports in Schaumburg.