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Goalkeeper PROGRAM including training and clinics

U7 - U10 Goalkeeper Clinic 
DATES are TBA during each season. 
5:30-7:00 PM
Players will learn the basics of the GK position in catching and distribution and will play FUN and engaging simulated GK games.  All players within this age group are encouraged to attend.  
  • catching and body positioning
  • distribution with feet and hands (No punting)
  • spatial awareness and decision making

U11-U14 Goalkeeper Training
Mondays and Thursdays - 6-7 PM  
Players will continue to work on catching, distribution and positioning.  All players that participate as GK are encouraged to attend at least one session per week.  
  • agility and speed coordination warm ups
  • body positioning and catching
  • diving and breakaways
  • distribution in passing, rolling and throwing.  
HS Goalkeeper Training
Thursdays - 7:00-8:00 PM

These sessions will be very individual and cater to the specific needs of the HS GK.  Our GK Director will attend a games throughout the season to see specific needs carried over into the upcoming practices.
  • tactical awareness and positioning
  • communication and leadership
  • set play positioning
TESC Goalkeeper Philosophy